Children's Projects

Urban India is glorious. Whereas, millions living in the slum area are struggling for ends to meet. We are trying to bridge the gap by providing quality education to poor slum children. To eliminate poverty, education is the only tool by which people can earn more, know how to raise standard of living and have better lives. Educating children is crucial — no matter where they live or what they do. According to Child Line reports, children represent 39% of total population of the country and around 29% comprise children aged between 0-5 years. Children are the most vulnerable when it comes to labour and abuses. They need the right facilities in terms of health and education for a better and brighter future of this country. The Pink Foundation has taken up various initiatives to work with the betterment of kids. It will help children get the right education, learn value based skills and enhance them which they can use to improve their lives.

1. Enrolment of children in private schools

To help the slum kids receive the proper education, The Pink Foundation has taken up this initiative to enroll them in the private schools.This will help the children tremendously. They will get quality education which will aid them in achieving their goals and to stand on their feet after the completion of the studies. Besides this, they will become more confident and self-dependent. After a thorough Survey and Documentation process, we select parents of children who are doing odd jobs and are unable to pay school fees.

2. Vocational sessions

Vocational training programs benefit children above 14 years to gain skills which they can use for sustaining themselves while growing up. The Pink Foundation therefore helps them gain expertise by opening avenues for their future endeavors. Every Sunday we conduct creative classes for our associated children. We teach them how to make things out of thread, paper, tissues etc. The events are conducted at our slum centre. At present we have close to 100 children enrolled in our Ahmedabad and Chandigarh classes.

a. Basic academics

Once the children, aged around 6-12 years, are enrolled in the private schools, they still need the tutoring. This is where the Pink Foundation comes in. Volunteers at the foundation tutor these children in subjects which are difficult for them to grasp. The volunteers make sure the children understand the basics. In turn, the children are able to go ahead with their studies at the school which makes them eager to learn more.

b. Knowledge of festivals

Being a multicultural country, India has various festivals from different cultures. The Pink Foundation creates such an environment where the children are taught about the festivals of India in a fun way. Whenever possible, there is also a celebration of major festivals like Diwali or Christmas; where the kids enjoy the food and sweets along with some activities organized by the foundation.

c. Celebration of birthdays

At the Pink Foundation, birthday celebrations have become an integral part especially for the kids. The children await their birthday with so much anticipation, knowing there will be a celebration including cake cutting. The Pink Foundation does not disappoint. Even the team members of the foundation celebrate their birthdays with the kids making it more memorable and enjoyable.

d. Talent Enhancement programmes

The Pink Foundation observed many talented and capable kids while working in the slums and decided to provide them a platform for enhancing and showcasing their aptitude. In this program, the children are being groomed in a particular area in which they are skilled so that they can make an employment out of it.

One of the children under this project, Pankit - aged 11, used to be the most shy and introvert among our children’s group. We gave him a chance to explore himself by involving him in a Road Show held on the occasion of the Independence Day. This served as a seed to build confidence in him and to our surprise he turned out to be a very enthusiastic student of our class. He has grown to be an eager and curious child who learn new avenues and is very participative. He dreams to become a world class dancer in future.

3. Satrangi storytellers

We wish to inject a ray of creativity in the minds and hearts of children by facilitating workshops on Storytelling with the help of Puppetry and self- designed modules/games for crafting own story. These games revolve around usage of random images, treasure hunt and weave an interesting story. Playful games in child education makes a lot of difference. This not only develops their imagination skills but also inculcates in them the habit of using language in easier way.Our volunteers have created engaging storytelling modules for them.

Raj Kumar, 10, took a lot of time getting unfold to let himself understand his area of interest. Once he decided to recite a Story in front of us and left us completely amazed. He turned out to be an awesome Storyteller and Artist too. His drawings spoke volume and his stories created fantasies woven by his imagination. Now not only he shares stories in class, but also takes great interest in each and every activity.

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