Let's spread thePINK!

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“I am illiterate. I have never attended school. This paint brush feels like holding a pencil. It gives me a sense of education which I never had,” said an old woman innocently when she held the paint brush for the first time. That’s how we created a community. Our TPF community!

Whenever we walk through a garden and look at the trees, we remember they were once tiny seeds. Centuries ago, the seed of a giant tree germinated and strengthened its roots deep inside the soil. At that moment, it was genetically predetermined that this tree would become huge, standing tall and firm with the courage to fight back the atrocities of the weather and people around.

However, a tree’s growth plan is fairly simple: soak up as much sunshine and water as possible, fight off the pests and the competition, and let the genetics take care of the rest.

On the contrary, the growth of an organization does not depend on genetics or heredity. It entirely relies on the way it is managed by the people, who in turn work hard in making its identity strong as a pillar so it reaps benefits. Thus, by sowing in the seed of ‘passion for serving’ into the soil of a developing society, ‘The Pink Foundation’ was born.

The Pink Foundation is a non-governmental organization which the sister duos Harmeet and Manmeet; launched in 2014. So along with their zeal to support the society and the community at large, they founded this organization where PINK is an acronym of Prosper, Inspire, Nurture, Knowledge.

Before starting The Pink Foundation, Harmeet used to work in rural areas of India and what she concluded is whether the women are from rural or urban slums, majority of them lack confidence related to general decision making, financial independence and family planning.

Every family had a heart wrenching story. They constantly work to let their two ends meet, surviving on minimal food and often sleeping on empty stomachs. A few years back, they launched Diya Project before Diwali which was highly appreciated by corporate world and individuals alike. It was our foundation and we are hoping to continue it every year as well.

The willingness and enthusiasm of the home-based women to work and sustain themselves is what inspire us the most.

We desire to break the age old myth that only a male can support a family financially. These women who are associated with us, showered their love and endless energy to support and serve more people; and thus, beautify their lives. This is what makes one empowered. These women need to transform. They need to be discovered for who they are and what they can do and it is possible only if WE educate them.

It is such a misery that people sitting comfortably in their drawing rooms and having light family discussions often say that, “Nothing can be done for these poor people. They must have made some mistakes or are the victims of bad karma in their past life which they are repaying now.” Their pockets must be heavy but their minds are so poor. Instead of playing a blame game, we should educate and empower such women. By doing that, we promise their thanking smiles will melt your heart.

This is how we calculate our NGO’s success by measuring the amount of happiness and love which we are fortunate enough to spread in our TPF community including women, children and few charming grannies. They are being educated on living independently which further helps them discover their entrepreneurship and family budgeting skills.

As luck would have it, we were featured in Aaj Tak news channels, India Today magazine, Times of India newspaper and many more. The journey since then has been worth travelling for.

We might be a small and young organization but we dream big. Every second of our life is devoted to nurture and empower the lives of our keen women who carry a lot of baggage in their hearts.

From all the experience we have, we deduce that a woman stands on the four pillars of Dignity, Strength, Compassion and Equanimity. They define her. In order to stand and face the world, she cannot compromise any pillar.

Therefore, our NGO has decided to grow. Grow for the betterment, so we can reach out to more women and children, and can sow the seed of security and self-dignity in every underprivileged family. We, at the Pink Foundation, take pledge and promise to lend a helping hand in their fight against every hurdle and misfortune they face every single day.

Mother Teresa says, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” And this is just the beginning...