Project Sankalp
(Suppressing the Growth of Infectious Diseases among Underprivileged
Women and young Girls by creating Provision of Hygienic Cost Effective Sanitary Napkins)

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Menstruation is a natural process in women's life but due to illiteracy, ignorance about religious teachings, poverty, socio-cultural trends, negligence regarding psychological health and poor health facilities; the matter is not as properly dealt with as it ought to be. Rural women largely use plastic sheets, clothes, rags and dried leaves during their menstruation calling diseases like Urinary Tract Infection etc. Proper menstrual hygiene management is one of the most important and basic aspects of feminine health that is unfortunately neglected not just in developing countries but worldwide as healthy girl child and women are the fundamentals of a healthy society.

Thus, if the use of hygienic sanitary napkins could be initiated among poor women and girls at low cost, then growth of different diseases could be arrested or minimized to a large extent among them.

In view of the above circumstances, The Pink Foundation wishes to fulfil their primary aims-

  • To facilitate better healthcare facilities for underprivileged women and young girls staying in urban slums and rural areas by creating awareness of using sanitary pad instead of rags, cloth or dried leaves.
  • Empowering them through providing proper training, education and employment opportunities.
  • Educating them about the diseases they are inviting for themselves due to non-use of sanitary napkins
  • Explain the complete Women Health cycle- From early marriage to usage of Female Condoms to early pregnancy and finally early death due to certain diseases which can be a curse for their reproductive system.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

It is a know fact that people are suffering from many diseases mainly due to the unhygienic living atmosphere and living status. So, to reduce the spreading of such diseases among the people, the foremost step should be establishing a clean, hygienic living environment and status. Another important factor is that the rural women and girls generally do not maintain cleanliness during menstruation period. As a result they become the host of many infectious diseases. This is due to the lack of awareness among them and also due to the economic inability for adopting better precautions like- use of sanitary napkins during menstruation period instead of rags, cloth or dried leaves.


1. To popularize and sensitize the use of sanitary napkins among the rural women and girls and thereby rescuing them from vulnerable diseases like Urinary Tract Infection etc.

2. To establish and start preparation of cost effective/low cost sanitary napkins in scientific way for better health and hygiene among rural women and girls.

3. To engage some rural unemployed women in production and marketing and also to fulfil the school requirements to maximum parts.

4. To provide and supply quality based sanitary napkins to rural women in comparatively low price than the napkins prevalent in the present day markets.

Sustainability of the Project:

As an NGO, complete focus will be put on the tackling the health and hygiene matters of the targeted women beneficiaries. Rigorous marketing and selling techniques will be carried out for continuous on-flow of pads so that more employment opportunities will be offered.

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