Project Swabhimaan
(Self Named Tea Stalls (Lorry) for underprivileged women)

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swabhimaanWomen are taught to lean on a male's resources. The male in a traditional patriarchal house is considered the head of the house. He is considered the breadwinner. He is the provider.

But the scenario in urban slums and rural fronts are different. Women are forced to embrace the hardships of life in the form of Mental and Physical Domestic Violence, Dowry, Dependency on husband, no decision making even for her own family planning!

The condition in the slums is devastating. Most of the young girls in slums do not go to school. Rather they help their family scratch out a living on the streets whether it's selling vegetables with their parents or doing household chores for earning. Some girls even become a prey for Sexual Harassment.

Also, issues like Maternal and newborn health, food and water scarcity, hygiene issues, and education for women and girls are quite prevalent.

In view of the above circumstances, The Pink Foundation wishes to fulfil their primary aims-

To construct and allot Self Named Tea Stalls (Lorry) to each beneficiary and giving them their own self identity and recognition.

To facilitate Economic Independence and Entrepreneurship among underprivileged women (especially Widows/Divorced/Separated) and thus making them lead their life in a dignified manner.

Empowering them through providing proper training and generating employment opportunities.

Educating them about the contribution they will be making in their families by being the ONLY earning member and supporting their children for their better future.

We only require Rs. 20400 to sponsor ONE tea stall. We give preference to widows, divorcees or those who are separated from their husbands due to domestic violence or dowry.


Size- 66" x 42" with teak wood platform
4 Tyres- Tubeless with pipe wheels
Roof- 48"H with 9" internal Box, ordinary Neem wood frame with 12" clumps
Three Boards on the top:
Specifications: 9"x 66" one no.
9"x48" two nos. and
One front bottom board 66"x24" with hinges to close upward