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Being a fresh organization, our wings are currently confined to Gujarat and Rajasthan. To know more about our activities in a particular state, write to- info@tpfworld.org


  • Buy our handmade products

    Bestow your love and support on our beneficiaries and provide them livelihood upgradation fortune by buying their handmade products.

  • Volunteer

    We welcome and appreciate the spirit of Volunteerism! It promotes a sense of empowerment and connection to the community among youth. The experience of volunteerism can help develop many social competencies like identity development, compassion, leadership, confidence and self-esteem. In spite of everything, volunteerism contributes to positive youth development!

    If you are interested in volunteering for The PINK Foundation, we would be pleased to hear from you. For more information, please contact us at info@tpfworld.org

  • Social Media

    Join The Pink Foundation's social networks

    Support TPF and get the latest news by joining one of our global social networks:

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  • Make a Donation

    Your generous donation will support TPF's crucial work in making a long lasting difference to community's lives.

    Offer an 'all-purpose' donation and we'll delegate it to where the need is greatest

    Or indicate which community project you would like to fund, such as women entreprenuership model, health care, rural youth employement, child education etc.

    Gift a meaningful life to someone today!

  • Corporate Associations

    We wholeheartedly welcome the support of private and public sector organizations in the form of donations, volunteering or fundraising. It will help TPF in creating awareness and achieving many of its objectives.

    TPF believes that the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility has the potential to bring in a future that will be completely sustainalable and empowered. This collaborative effort will definitely have the power to reach out to our endless beneficiaries across India.

    Strategic philanthropy through cash & in-kind contributions, Events and sponsorship, adoption of a particular project and collective programme solutions for individual projects are just few of the options for TPF-Corporate partnership.

    For more details, please contact us at: info@tpfworld.org

  • Adopt a village of your choice

    We undertake all our major projects village wise so that complete development can be achieved. To do 'customized donation' as per your wish, please write to info@tpfworld.org

    We will be happy to share the developmental loopholes of the village of your choice.